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Aquatir Ltd. complex occupies one of the leading world positions

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Automation and Quality

The sturgeon complex “Aquatir” is a modern enterprise for the breeding of sturgeon species by using the latest achievements and technologies in the field of sturgeon breeding, which makes the complex perfect and environmentally friendly. We produce high quality products that meet international standards.

To maintain the health and stable productivity of sturgeon fish, we use only high-quality feed containing all the necessary micronutrients and vitamins, without hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.

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From Eggs to Fries

Full technological cycle

An important advantage of our company is a full technological cycle of fish breeding – from eggs to an adult fish which produce eggs. We raise each individual with love and care in an ecologically clean place under the constant supervision of our highly qualified specialists. The fries grow in absolutely clean water from artesian wells, which has undergone additional filtration. RAS is a modern complex of equipment in which water circulates in a closed circuit and the basic parameters (required level of oxygen, temperature, etc.) are maintained at an appropriate level. All growing processes are automated by monitoring and control systems.

With love and care

Preserving viable fish

We divide our fries into two types: the first is raised to obtain caviar for sale, the second – to replenish the broodstock. It is also important that in addition to solving our own production moments, our company carries out work aimed at preserving viable fish stock for release into their natural habitat in order to restore the number of natural populations. As a result, together with the Institute of Zoology of the Republic of Moldova and under the supervision of international specialists CITES, “Aquatir” is stocking the Dniester River. For today, more than 50,000 Russian Sturgeon fries from our enterprise have already been released.

Carefully and humanely

Treat each fish

The company “Aquatir” GmbH uses modern equipment and the latest technologies for sturgeon fish breeding in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). RAS is a modern complex of equipment in which water circulates in a closed circuit and the basic parameters (required level of oxygen, temperature, etc.) are maintained at an appropriate level. Each fish on our farm has its own health passport and is constantly monitored for its condition, which includes: weighing, ultrasound, visual examination and blood test. The main breeding principle of Aquatir is to treat each fish carefully and humanely, to grow healthy and strong generation of sturgeon fish.

classical and traditional


Distinctive feature of our black caviar is that we use only salt and no preservatives, antibiotics, GMOs. Depending on the wishes of the consumer the content of salt in caviar can vary from 2.5 to 5%. Our caviar is produced using the classical and traditional caviar craftsmanship, which ensures the quality of caviar recognized throughout the world. The caviar processing methods allow preserving that unique combination of taste and useful qualities inherent in caviar from wild fish. You will be pleasantly surprised by the delicate taste of classic product prepared in accordance with all the humane standards of the 21st century responsible caviar production. Sturgeon caviar has a wide range of color shades, therefore Aquatir never mixes caviar from different individual fish in the process of salting and packaging.

With love and care


The success of the company depends on its employees, which is why we attract the best qualified specialists in the fish farming industry. We appreciate our people for their talent and desire to work, they completely devote themselves to our business, constantly develop and study new trends in aquaculture. Devotion, focus on success and work on a common goal distinguish our employees from others.

The company has implemented a quality management system and product safety ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005, compliance with which has been repeatedly confirmed during certification audits.

Constant Control

Veterinary, sanitary and laboratory

Our enterprise has its own accredited laboratory equipped with modern equipment, which allows us to make various types of research, both physicochemical and microbiological using traditional methods according to GOSTs. Thanks to our laboratory, we can improve internal production control and confirm the quality of products.

To produce a safe product, we carry out veterinary, sanitary and laboratory control of each batch of raw materials, containers and ready-made products. The sturgeon complex Aquatir cares about the quality of its products and is ready to invest in the development of science and ensuring control over the safety of its products.

Carefully and humanely

Premium Caviar

At the last stage, the cans with caviar are necessarily inspected, labelled and put in a special caviar refrigerator which keeps needed temperature. “Fish roes” are washed in clean chilled water to remove burst eggs and its pieces. The washed eggs are quickly transferred to a sieve to drain the water, and then it is being salted, weighed, and sorted according to the color and size of the eggs. Then the caviar is immediately packed in glass or lacquered metal cans, which are then hermetically sealed with the help of vacuum seaming machine.

Type of fish

We breed high-quality fish species: Beluga, Russian Sturgeon, Bester, and Sterlet


Depending on the fish, it could take anywhere between a couple years and a couple decades


New humane harvesting methods where fish are not killed to obtain their eggs


We use a number grading systems to rate egg color, size, maturity, uniformity, fragrance etc

Caviar Price
Caviar Value

The caviar price calculation generally works out to: Caviar Process + Caviar Rarity = Caviar Value


Caviar has always been considered food for the super-rich and royalty, which makes it coveted as a status symbol